Weight Loss Tips - Be Active

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Weight Loss Tips - Be Active

Be active to look and feel better!

Don't do it because you're “supposed to.” Be active to...

  • Get better control of your weight, a more toned look, and stronger muscles
  • Have more energy for other fun times, like hanging out with your friends
  • Make friends who share your interests in dance, sports, or other activities
  • Improve your mood and ability to focus for sports and school
Here's how your activity can add up:
    • ​10 minu​tes – Walking/biking to a friend's house
    • 30 minutes – Shooting hoops
    • 20 minutes – Dancing
    • 60 minutes of activity!

Get up and move!​

  • Be active for 60 minutes a day. (You don't have to do it a​ll at once.)
  • Enjoy the outdoors with these activities: jumping rope, playing frisbee or flag-football, and skateboarding.
  • Join a school sports or dance team. Jump into a neighborhood pick-up game of basketball or softball.
  • Pitch in to help keep your area's sidewalks, sports fields, parks, and athletic centers clean and usable.

​Stay active indoors too!​

  • Play indoor sports when it's cold or wet outside.
  • Sit less. Watching TV, gaming, and surfing the web are fun but inactive, so spend less time in front of the screen.
  • Dance to your favorite music by yourself, or have a dance party with friends.
  • If you have a gaming system, choose active dance and sports games that track your movement.

Have fun with your friends!

  • Be active with your friends to support each other and make moving fun.
  • Mix it up. Choose different kinds of group activity:
    • Sports
    • Active games
    • Actions that get you moving, like walking around the mall



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