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What's a good way to promote affiliate products online?

What's a good way to promote affiliate products online?

There are free ways and then there are paid ways, and methods to them. Some work out better for others, so there a lot of good ways.

So lets start with my favorite four letter word FREE

1. Facebook now this takes time, but it’s possible. Build a credible photo and then start to befriend people in the right niche. If you’re promoting products in the wealth niche/specialized marketplace, then start to befriend people who follow those who are high income earners. Because the followers are obviously trying to look for ways to earn more money. If you are promoting in the romance and dating niche, then start to add people who are in the dating groups on FB. 

2. Twitter is a free method to promote as well. And the good thing is Twitter is more business friendly. Yes, you can start to follow people in the niche you are promoting to, but you head to the search area in Twitter. From there, type in whatever comments would be in your niche…for example, in the wealth niche, type in “i want to make money” and there will be people searching for ways to make money. Don’t send them a message with the affiliate link, but rather follow them and thus in turn they might follow you and be curious about what you have to offer. They can click on the affiliate link on their time, not yours.

3. YouTube. A very good one. People love videos. Videos go viral and you want a viral video, or a video that gets plenty of views. If you have a budget, go to GoogleAds and you can set a daily budget and it will advertise your video. I set a budget of less than $5 one time and had 3,000 views on a video in less than 24 hours. Not mandatory, a YouTube account is free.

4. You can blog. Blogging is not as popular as videos, but give it time and your content can be picked up in search engines and with affiliate links within the blog, you can start to earn money. Blogging has to be consistent, and stick with the niche you are catering too. You shouldn’t promote a health and fitness product one day and then a parenting resource the next. It will confuse your audience.

Stick with me! Lets move on to the paid ways to promote…

5. Solo ads are common but I’m not a big fan. All it took was for me to see that some solo ad sellers will get fake clicks through “bots” to meet your click amount purchase. Also, you don’t know the quality of traffic you are getting and the sellers’ lists are bombarded with promotions a lot. I have heard of more people losing money rather than gaining money from solo ads.

6. Traffic brokers go out there and get quality traffic for you. Well, that’s their objective. But, do your research with traffic brokers. I hired one a few months ago and it took him over 1 month to start getting traffic. Also I ordered 1,000 clicks and only received 800.

7. If you have your own brand, website, etc…reach out to an online influencer who has a huge following. Negotiate a price to see if they’re willing to promote your brand (not your affiliate product). When they bring eyeballs to your website, people can be led to your product(s).

8. GoogleAds, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, Snapchat Ads, are all on option but make sure you are entering in the right information to be broadcast-ed out to the right crowd. For instance, if you’re promoting something that has a higher potential to be bought by older people, Snapchat Ads are not the way to go.

So those are good ways to promote traffic. I wish you the best!



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